Thank you so much for all your amazing work on our Annual Ball. I really appreciate all your help and support throughout and thank you for your consideration of our budget constrictions. The event went really well and the guests seemed to love the theming – and most importantly my client was very happy with the outcome. I do hope that we can collaborate on more events in the future; the Ball is obviously an annual event and I will definitely call you when we start to plan 2020, as well as get in touch if I have any other requirements in the meantime. Would you also please be kind enough to pass on my thanks to your fabulous team, Jade, Mick & co. They did a great job and I do appreciate their hard work.
Hi Everyone, There is so many people to say thank you to for helping with our event in December! SO have typed a group email but we will be in touch personally over the coming months to say thank you again and to discuss this year’s event and see if we can continue with your help. The event this year has been pencilled in for the 7th December and we will be confirming this date 100% in the coming weeks , Testimonials You may of heard me say this before but we cannot do these events without the beautiful people and businesses like yours helping and giving your time or products to make this day an amazing experience for these children, so thank you very much for everything you did for us, your amazing! Last year’s event was a great success and have been told so many times now it was fantastic, by sponsors, contributors and we lost count as to how many parents came up to us and tell us this also, some even in tears while doing so , Testimonials. So please give yourselves a big high five and a pat on the back as this event is a large scale event and the families that attended had an amazing day thanks to you, your teams & businesses. If you do have any feedback for us please let us know as we need to make sure we cover off everything and the smallest thing can make a big difference. Happy new year and we will be in touch soon,
Aidan Belsham – Event Director