Night at the museum

Night at the museum

Based on the film “A Night at the Museum” where museum displays come to life after dark, this theme is jam-packed with an electric mix of signature props from various themes such as:

* Western featuring hay bales, wagon wheels, and life-size horse

* Egyptian including a life-size Tutankhamen, palm trees, and statues

* Aztec Theme / Jungle theme with ancient ruins, columns, sandstone statues, lush foliage and vines.

* Medieval theme with Castles, Iron gates, 3D Knight, shields weapons and armoury

* Pirate Theme created with ships wheel, canon, ropes, wooden bollards, and treasure chests


Incorporate draped walls and themed backdrops, and guests will feel as though they are walking through a real-life museum. Table styling can be a mix of all the variety of themes.